The Night Bulletin is coming…

The Night bulletin - podcast artwork - 2

There are a lot of podcasts out there. Like a lot. I listen to a handful of them. Some of my favorite podcasts include The Last Podcast on the Left, You Must Remember This, Improvised Star Trek, Starship Sofa, Pseudopod, The No Sleep Podcast, Welcome to Nightvale, and Knifepoint Horror. I listen to about 30 more, but you get the idea. These podcasts vary in content, tone, and production quality, but out of all of these podcasts, the very last on the list,  Knifepoint Horror, is the one I am attempting to emulate.

For those not in the know, Knifepoint Horror is a podcast written and largely narrated by Soren Narnia. Each episode is a self-contained short horror story. All of the stories take the form of a confessional and all are very scary. The stripped down writing style and tone give the impression that a man is matter-of-factly recording his final experiences before a beast comes out of the dark and swallows him whole. I would highly recommend the stories “corpse”, “house”, and “circles.”

The Night Bulletin will be a podcast where I will narrate my own short stories. Simple as that. My brother, Daniyal, will be providing the music. The stories will range from horror to fantasy to science fiction, but all will contain an element of something weird or horrific.

Why horror?

I have always loved horror in all of its forms, and there are few things better than a spooky story, podcast, or film that really hits you in the right way. Also, the popularity of podcasts as a format and the explosion of amateur horror stories puts me in fine company.

All of the stories on The Night Bulletin will be largely self-contained and unrelated. Perhaps I will hit my stride and a theme will take over, but for now, I am simply going to release what I can.

Stay tuned for an announcement in a month or so detailing the first episode release, where to listen, and (hopefully) a website and social media presence. I’m excited for what’s to come.

The Night Bulletin is coming…


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