A New Project Coming Down the Pipeline


I am working on an exciting project. This website was originally meant to be a place where I posted short stories and poems (the poems you can still read here). I have oscillated between posting my short stories online for free and trying to submit them to magazines. Neither of these options gave me satisfaction. I have since decided to merge two passions of mine into one: I will be printing and hand-binding little booklets of my short stories.

This project has rattled around my brain for a bit, and I have at last created an action plan. Pictured above are two of my stories, “Strange Men in Bowler Hats” and “An Evening With A Close Friend” printed and bound by yours truly. I will be making several copies of these two stories to hand out to friends and family, where they will be read and passed along to others who may be interested.

But this booklet-as-business-card project doesn’t end there. Each of these stories will also be available to purchase as ebooks on the Amazon Kindle Store.

If you do not own a Kindle, you can still purchase the stories and read them on the Kindle smartphone app, available for both iPhone & Android.

Be on the lookout for a mid-August release date!

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