Introduction to me

Hello. My name is TF Ahmad and I am a writer. I have been a writer ever since I was a child, but have only recently decided to take it seriously. I have a day job in an office and spend my down time writing short stories, my favorite form of fiction.

This website has transformed over this past year from an aggregation of all of my stories and poems to what it is now: a place to express thoughts on fiction, poetry, writing, and assorted other topics. I have since deleted all of my short stories from this website, as I am now editing and formatting them so I can start collecting rejection slips.

I have begun to figure out what sort of writer I want to be, and find myself gravitating towards horror, science fiction (of the soft kind), and fantasy. I have written a couple of literary short stories, but they do not make up an appreciable percentage of my work. I am primarily a short story writer, though I do have ideas/outlines/several pages of novels written. I see my short stories not only as “writing practice” but as complete stories that are meant to be read and appreciated.

The common wisdom from the old guard (and by old guard, I mean most authors I read) is that one must write short stories, submit them to paying markets, have them rejected multiple times, have them eventually accepted, build up publishing credits, then use these credits in the cover letter/pitch of  your novel manuscript to agents and publishers. This sounds like a great way to build up a reputation and ensure your best work is being represented. It is also an extremely difficult and arduous path to take.

With electronic publishing and ease of access, writers can now build up an audience online before being picked up by publishers. This is a great approach as well, but one that does not really suit me. I am not active on social media (I have no Twitter account, no Reddit account, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no Pinterest, and I rarely post to my personal Facebook account), thus any writing I do online (this blog post included) has a limited range on the world wide web.

I have always been a fan of print publications and audio publications (my appreciation of which will be put on a future blog post), and I will see my future publication in these avenues as a true personal accomplishment. Right now, all I can do is focus on writing good sentences, and turning those good sentences into good stories.

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