A Day at the Office

A clicking of keys at my desk,
Rain on the roof outside.
Ears heavy with percussion,
Eyes like oversized luggage.
I turn the screen brightness low,
Change the color to mimic sunlight.
My earbuds buzz with a silent heat
The air conditioning coughs and rattles.

What time is it,
In the world outside?
Does the wind blow?
Does the sun shine?

A click is worth a thousand words,
Email; digital dust
Meeting; a gathering of skeletons
Lunch break; a stay of execution

The only freedom, the only reprieve,
Are words on a page,
A journey outside the mind,
To grapple, to yearn,
To see into the future

A day in the office,
A morning of sun,
Or rain,
Or snow,
Or darkness,
Should never be wasted
So waste not, hero,
Take a dip into these words,
Escape the world for a time,
For this is not reality.

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