Dreaming in Zero Dimensions

I am an entity that travels in zero dimensions,
Compressed to a point so small,
I fly,
Defying the laws of the universe,
Cursed to the emptiness of the cosmos,
Where I’ll live and die and be reborn,
As only an entity impossibly small can be,
And you see me,
Every time you look up,
Distressed at your life’s mess,
Wishing, hoping,
Losing yourself in the vastness of the sky,
Thinking: “my problems are so very small,
Compared to the number of stars,
And I would be lost as dust,
Swept under a bed by a housekeeper.”
But to you i say:
Even specks of dust have hopes dashed,
And dreams unrealized.
We are not one of a kind,
We points compressed to zero dimensions,
And we curse our position,
Looking down at the earth,
And wishing for a body,
That can know the love of a mother,
And feel the joy of a brother,
For when I dream in zero dimensions,
I am everything and I am nothing,
There is no space for another.

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